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Rem here. Welcome to your first step to making a change!

Whatever reason brought you here, I hope you stay a while. Stick by the change you want to make. I should be honest with you from the start. I want you to be able to live your best life, and stop searching for an answer! And I happen to know a way or two that can help.


I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of each and every relationship we form, how they effect our being and have always been a very observant person. So I ended up studying Psychology in University of Sussex to learn more about the magnificent intricacies of social relationships and the mind. Shortly after graduating from my degree, I relocated in London and started working as a life and parenting coach in a special care medical clinic. During this time, I also completed my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Goldsmiths to further my knowledge and ability.


After living in London for 2 years, my heart found it’s way back to Brighton. Now I provide relationship, dating and confidence coaching services face to face in Brighton and over video chat to people from all over the world,

and I LOVE IT!


People just like yourself fascinate me and teach me something new every day! I have a different approach to clients I work with. I will guide you through hurdles in the most seamless way possible, and we will be a team and have fun together! I treat every client with care and tailor each session to need. There is no one size fits all, no gimmicks and no tricks. You can book a single online session with me right now. This will help you make up your mind before making an investment or commitment. Book one! You have nothing to lose.


Make today the day you took the first step.

Make today the start of your best life!

The Secret of Change Is

to Focus All of Your Energy,

Not on Fighting the Old,

But on Building the New



Online Session
50 minutes

Once you book this session, I will send you the secret video chat details. We will then meet online, and talk like no-ones watching!

Face-to-face Session
50 minutes

We will meet up at a place you feel most comfortable with and have a chat about how you can live your best life.

E-mail Services

All you need to do is to send me an e-mail about that one thing that is in your mind. I will send you a reply within 2 days with insight and a different perspective. It makes a huge difference!



Working with Rem has made a huge difference to my confidence and dating life. I started to see my worth and now confident enough to cut ties with men who don’t value me instead of running after them to change their mind and make a fool of myself. I overcame a very toxic cycle. 


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